TSA Scanners

Destroying American Privacy

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The new technology that the Transportation Security Agency is helping see the threats a passenger can pose to airways, but it is also making the passengers uneasy about taking flight. Not only do travelers constantly complain about the frisking that goes on at the gates, there are now many people who are feeling very violated and degraded from these new scanners. These scanners produce a low-level x-ray image that basically gives the security guard a naked picture of the traveler. As it is important to protect our nation's airways, it should also be a priority to protect or values and privacy.
FOX Orlando Interview - Airport Full-Body Scanners - Hazem Bata
This video describes how the TSA has gone too far with the virtual strip searches. With only 5% of passengers going through scanners, the TSA needs to use common sense when picking and choosing what people go through the scanner, which is also causing a large amount of conflict. As a result of the middle east terrorism, security guards tend to choose the Islamic race to go through the scanners, which leads to conflict about racism. The only way to get rid of this conflict is to get rid of the scanners completely.