Welcome to Grade 3 at SAIS, 3VKA

Class Parents: Amarie (Katherine) & Nicole (George)

We would like to introduce ourselves as the room parents for Ms Kay 3VKA at SAIS.

Amarie Kappaz amariekappaz@mac.com hp: 9222 4813

Nicole Banks banksives@me.com hp: 8722 6155

As room parents we will be:

· Assisting Ms Kay in communicating with all parents as needed

· Assisting with requests for volunteers in the classroom

· Organizing a parent gathering at least once this term;

· Maintaining a class directory with updates as new students arrive

· Collection and saving Class Contributions to be used for teachers’ gifts, auction items, and class parties, and

· Forwarding communications from the Parent Teacher Association.

First, we need to collect contact information (e-mail and phone number) for every child in the class. Communication from us will be kept to a minimum, as we appreciate the volume of emails you receive each day. The list will not be shared with anyone. Please e-mail this information to me at banksives@me.com

We will also be putting together a class directory that will be shared with all classroom parents. If you would like to be a part of the directory, please provide the following information:

· Your child’s 1st name & family name

· Parent name/names

· Preferred email to be shared with the entire class (we respect that some families are not comfortable sharing this information)

· Phone number (optional)

· Does your child have allergies? (The only purpose of sharing this information is for parties and celebrations, so every child can enjoy a treat.)

We would like to notify everyone of the school’s policy for birthday celebrations. Stamford policy allows for parents to bring treats in honor of their child’s birthday at a time designated by the teacher. Parents may bring in a simple snack (while adhering to the school’s no-nut policy), but are asked not to distribute goody bags or bring decorations.

Please reply with your answers so that we may get the list distributed. We know some families are eager to organize play dates. We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your information and we look forward to a great semester.

Many thanks,

Nicole Banks (George Ives) & Amarie Kappaz (Katherine)

Can you help during the year?

We have compiled a list of things 3VKA need help with this year:

1. Room Presentations Assisting in the presentation of the student's work for display on the walls, e.g., framing and laminating the children's projects.

2. Classroom Learning Resources From time to time, study material will require cutting, laminating, organizing, and otherwise getting it ready for the students to use as a learning tool.

3. Publishing Every 3-4 weeks the student’s work may need to be typed and published. The children are going to LOVE seeing their work presented in a "book" format.

4. Reading Resources We may need to assist in the collection of reading appropriate books to bring to the classroom for the students to utilize during their reading enrichments. Additionally, some related worksheets will need to be printed. If anyone can volunteer to assist in the Library from time to time, please let us know.

5. Class Trips - There will likely be approximately 3 class trips where parent volunteers will be needed. Ms Kay will contact you when these trips are about to occur and we will assist in coordinating some parent volunteers.

6. Class Parties and Celebrations. There will be two parties for the class this year - the Christmas Party and the End of Year party. Some parents may want to come in and share other holiday celebrations, cultural insights, religious understandings with the rest of the class in an attempt to increase the students cultural understanding. Please let us know if there is something you would like to do in the class and we will collate the ideas and provide them to Ms Kay.

Just a note on Birthday Parties - Ms. Kay likes to celebrate the child on his/her special birthday. It would be nice if, on this day, something could be sent in to help celebrate, cupcakes came to mind. However, to better organize the celebration at a good time, such as leading to recess or lunchtime, Ms. Kay would appreciate at least a one week prior notice – many thanks for your understanding on this one. Please ensure all food entering the school grounds is nut free.

Please email us if you can assist on any of these items and we will coordinate times and contact you once we know who can help.