Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

By: Brianna Smith

History of Ben & Jerry's.

Benhett Cohen and Jerry Greenfield started their homemade ice cream company in Burlington, Vermont May 5th 1977. When Ben and Jerry graduated high school they went different ways. Jerry thought he wanted to be a doctor so he prepared for med school. Ben was not interested in college at the time. He soon chose Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. He left in 1970. After moving around he finally settled as a tech crafts teacher for troubled students. As for Jerry, he didn't have good enough grades to get into medical school. Jerry soon fell in love with a woman named Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a nurse, and was offered a job in North Carolina. Jerry ended up following her there. They're relationship soon ended in 1977, the school that Ben worked at was also closed down the same year. Once Jerry moved back home, Ben & Jerry decided it was time for a fresh start.

Progression of Ben & Jerry's.

They wanted their ice cream parlor to be fun. So they hosted events for the community. Such as letting the community view free movies off the wall of the building next door. And when it was their first year of business they gave out free ice cream cones all day.

After a while they then started delivering it to restaurants and grocery stores. Selling 8 flavors in pint sized cartons. Then, people even started opening up they're very own Ben & Jerry's. They had to pay Ben and Jerry to use their name and sell their product.

Lastly, they eventually sold their business, but Jerry stayed behind to help manage the business. They both still do charity work to help the world.

Impact on society

They put Ben & Jerry's ice cream shops in troubled neighborhoods to give people jobs.

They are helping pass laws to help society let their voice be heard.

And they give 7.5% of their profit to their workers.

For anyone who works for Ben & Jerry's they offer numerous things. 1: If you have a child they offer free daycare business.

2: You get to take home 3 free pints of ice cream every day that you work.

Important/Influential Person from Company.

The most important people involved in the success of Ben & Jerry, would be Ben and Jerry.

They worked hard and eventually made their small home made ice cream business known around the world. They started in a torn down gas station shop, and soon had their businesses in almost every state. So I believe that they are the most important people involved with the success of Ben & Jerry.

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Even though there are 58 flavors of regular ice cream not including the frozen yogurt or Greek yogurt. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is the best seller. The most important product sold at Ben & Jerry's is by far the ice cream.
Ben & Jerry's: Introducing Cookie Cores