3rd Grade Hoot

Week of May 8, 2017


May 8th- Math STAAR Test

May 9th- Reading STAAR Test

May 12th - Field Trip to Huntsville State Park

May 16th - Talent Show @9am & 6pm


May 18th- Everyone Reads Day

May 19th- Field Day

May 22- 40 book Challenge Field Trips

May 23rd- Awards Day @ 1:20

May 25th- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL/ Early Release


Our class income has been collected and our budgets are being set. This week, we should finalize our menu and prices along with our advertising slogans and radio announcements. Thank you to everyone for helping us to make this happen for the students. Watch for our ads to come home soon!

MATH - Mrs. Wagner

Well, it's officially 'GAME DAY' for 3rd grade math on Monday, May 8th!!! We have worked so hard and we have practiced daily for this day and it is finally here.

Please read over the MATH STUDY GUIDE and your child's math journal this weekend to review any last minute difficult topics your child feels unsure about. I can be reached this weekend by email or cell phone (936) 870-8237 if your child needs me.

Thanks for your support and commitment in helping to ensure your child's success!

English/Language Arts/Reading (ELAR) - Mrs. Cawthon

IT"S FINALLY HERE!! Your child has practiced hard for these days. Please remember to have them get a good nights sleep and eat a good breakfast. Don't forget, you may send them a dry snack that is not greasy/wet for testing day, along with a water.

Please make sure your child is still reading, the end of the 40 Book Challenge is May 12th.


Since we are wrapping up our last chapter in social studies and our last scope in science, we will be working in both subjects for the next few weeks.

Social Studies- This week we will apply what we have learned about free enterprise, supply and demand, profits, budgets, and value proposition as we begin planning our lemonade stands! I can’t wait to see how each group creatively comes up with a business plan for their lemonade stand...it will be interesting. Individual planning packets will for the stand will be counted as a test grade.

Science- We will also continue exploring animal environments. We will be touching on life cycles, animal coverings, and animal adaptations. Next week students will begin an in class project where they design a zoo based on what they have learned about animal environments.

Contact us...

If you need anything please contact one of your child's 3rd grade teachers:

Rebecca Cawthon - rcawthon@ascisd.net Bonnie Myers - bmyers@ascisd.net

Dana Wagner - dwagner@ascisd.net or call 936-873-4525