By Josi Rivera

Culture of Ecuador

What is the background of Ecuador?

About 75% of Ecuadoreans consider themselves mestizos. Mestizos have both European and indigenous (native) ancestors.

What is the offical language?

The official language of Ecuador is predominantly Spanish although they have native influence.

Geography of Ecuador

How is Ecuador's climate? Due to this what is a crop they grow an abundance of?

Ecuador has two seasons: wet and dry. The rainy season lasts from January to May. While June through December is the dryer and cooler season. Due to these two seasons Ecuador is suitable to growing bananas and has become the worlds largest export of bananas.

What is unique about the animal life in the Galapagos Island?

600 miles off the coast of Ecuador lies the Galapagos Islands which contains a vast unique animal life. In the Galapagos Islands you can find animals that you'll never find in any other country. Such as the Marine Iguana, Galapagos Penguins, and Blue-footed Boobie.

Resources/Economy of Ecuador

What natural resource can be found in Ecuador and how is it used?

Ecuador is substantially dependent on it's natural resource petroleum. Petroleum can be extracted and refined to produce fuels including gasoline, kerosene, and oil.

History of Ecuador

What war took place in AD 1450s?

The between the Incans and the Cara people living in what is now Ecuador.

What happened in 1830?

In 1830, Ecuador gained it's independence from Spain

When did Ecuador adopt the U.s dollars and why?

Ecuador adopted the U.S dollar in 2000 . They did this as an effort to fight against inflation and to stabilize the economy.