The Return Journey

Join our circle every Monday, starting August 24th , 2015

The ONLY postpartum class in Southern Oregon!

Begin your mothering journey with support, education, and empowerment by connecting with other mothers and midwives. Share your return journey with sisters....

You have just come back from perhaps the most harrowing experience of your life and whether your pregnancy and birth were traumatic or triumphant, you still have a lot of integrating to do to make this journey fully yours.

It is said 'men war with men' but women; women war with themselves, with their inner landscape. Women war with nature.... with unseen and unacknowledged foes. They battle their own feelings of self-worth and inadequacies. They battle with self-esteem and self-love. Traditional cultures knew how to honor the mother's journey into herself. The traditional 'baby moon' is a time to cocoon away with your new baby love and rest and recover and re-acquaint yourself with yourself... to meet your 'inner-mama', because she is born anew at every birth, She walks the fire path through self-doubt, past bubbling worries, over troubled streams of questions and 'what-if's' (and if she has help) all the way uphill to bountiful, beautiful, self-love. In some cultures mothers are 'roasted'. A whole community takes turns bringing herbs and hot stones from their fires and nourishing drink to the new mother, they keep her warm and fed, they brush her hair and sing to her, they paint her body in beautiful colors and remark on her strength and grace.

Our 7 week circle honors these traditions and our Mothers.

Join our circle to reconnect your bones and muscles, to listen to your heart and soul, to share your intuition and thoughts, to grow your knowledge and community!

Week-by-week we travel this well-worn path to motherhood, illuminating the sacred as we go, celebrating your milestones: a group of women that will become a circle of sisters.

Week One: Red Path

Circle round in our red tent, begin with grounding and security.... as we root ourselves in the here and now with foot bath, massage and baby blessing. Explore the divine journey of motherhood from the metaphor of hero's journey, deepening our awareness of our own life path. We start at the "gate of no-story"; honoring and assessing physical needs.

Week Two: Orange Path

Opening to let our babies through our body and soul brings great vulnerability and deep emotions. Here at the "gate of relief and gratitude" we taste vitality and conjure creativity. Activate your center with non-invasive, external massage treatment on the abdomen and warm your womb with a yoni steam for emotional cleansing. Take the opportunity to receive after giving so much to the world.

Week Three: Yellow Path

When you arrive at the "linear story gate" knowledge is your quest; hot, solar plexus is your path. On this fiery path anger, resentment, and a desire for perfection may haunt you.... It is a time of big questions, fiery transformation, and digesting your personal answers. Our rebozo closing ceremony brings the scattered pieces of your body and soul back into alignment.

Week Four : Green Path

Welcome to new growth; a place of balance between love and forgiveness; you have arrived at the "gate of relationships". As the air of flexibility drifts around you, self-actualization seems possible and your self-esteem is on the rise.... you are mother! Mighty moxa makes potent all your hopes and dreams and aromatherapy charges your heart.


Week Five: Blue Path

From your throat new surprising birth sounds emanated.... breathy or belchy or big big screams.... you were in the ethereal world. On your journey out of labor-land you have now come to the "gate of the revolving door"; talking yourself in circles about what could have/ should have / might have been. Here you have finally found your words...... creativity flows, sing with us - find your strength in sound, your yin and yang in the pen.... write yourself anew.

Week Six: Indigo Path

Understanding, awareness, imagination, and Intuition now floods your nervous system. You see the big picture... the light... you harness your sixth sense. You are now drumming your way through the "gate of the huntress". Play with us, dance, and sing with us.... this new territory is ripe with your presence.

Week Seven : Violet Path

Having metabolized your higher calling, you are seeking enlightenment and transcendence.... Harmony within, God (cosmic) love illuminates YOU at the "gate of the love warrior". In the steam-room you shed your skin of self-limiting beliefs and emerge as a NEWBORN MOTHER! Welcome to the other side!

Monday evenings at Wise Women Care Associates in Medford, starting August 24th, 6 - 8 pm

  • babes in arms welcome, toddlers should have other plans
  • this is a closed group after week two, no add on's.
  • open to mamas of all stages; while extremely helpful for early postpartum, still beneficial for mamas years and years since birth, especially if you are still struggling with 'your story'
  • last class will be held at ladies night at the Jackson Wellsprings in Ashland
  • price = $ 175, may be paid $25 per week ; hurry, space is limited

Lead by: Augustine Colebrook, Mother, Midwife, Mentor

Having attended births as a midwife for more than 15 years, Augustine’s focus is finely attuned to the process of letting go and opening to the unknown in labor and in life. It is her profound joy to illuminate the sacred journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum for other women.

Augustine is the Executive Director of the Trillium Waterbirth Centers in Medford and Grants Pass, taking much joy in mainstreaming midwifery and the midwifery model of care by bringing the modern community-centered birth center choice to all low risk women.

Augustine also runs a national consulting firm for birth center start-ups advising midwives in business implementation strategies as well as best practice models. She is also writing a book for parents and editing a film project due out summer 2016.