Puerto Rico

Jose Diaz Ramos

Fast Facts

  1. Continent--North America
  2. Capital--San Juan
  3. Population--3,598,357
  4. Area--5,374 Sq. Mi.
  5. Main Language--Spanish
  6. Main Religion--Roman Catholic
  7. Distance from Washington D.C. to Capital--1,545.35 miles


Puerto Rico is about the same size as Delaware and Rhode Island combined or as Montegro.It is the third largest island in the Carribean Sea. Puerto Rico has many rain forests. El Yunque is the largest forest in Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico is usually mild tropical . it rains in between May and December. It is more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. During the winter it lowers to 50 degrees.


Puerto Rico celebrates all of the us national holidays. like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Three kings day. They celebrate Thanksgiving by having a full family reunion and eating.


Puerto Rico eats 3 times a day.People. eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We eat all kinds of fruit. We eat tropical fruit like bananas, mangoes and kiwis

The flag of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico: Flag. 2015. ProQuest.

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Juan was a famous explorer. He was the first one to find Puerto Rico. He found San Juan, Bayamon , and Carolina.
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What would you like to see?

El Yunque ,or El Moro de San Juan. or the cementery of San Juan. EL yunque is the most popular rain forest in the world. EL Moro de San Juan can contain more than 50 people a day it is popular for is protection. Cemetery in San Juan. 2003. Photograph. Collection of CultureGrams. ProQuest, 2015. Web. 9 Nov 2015.