The Boy who Saved Baseball

Sixta Barrios


The theme is that a team can saved a town and you should not jurgde what a team can do because it can turn out differnt.

Maria Flores

Maria in the story was pitcher. She throws the ball so fast that even a cheetah could keep up with it. Autumn is like maria becouse she the pitcher in her softball team. She pitches for the Big Game.

Tom is Changes

Tom changed in the way he got better at hit. Tom can read pitch like if it was book. Tom leaned a new pitch. Tom changed in a positive he found his voice. Now Tom can talk  like he is the new mayor.


The climax of the stoy was the BIg Game. The got one  point and the other team got ahead by a point. It was more exciting then clown bullriding. Tom hit the last ball so high the it went high then a airplane.

My hero

Tom is my hero because he made the lost run that saved the baseball. Tom had Docs will in his notebook. So Tom saved Dillontown from the developers. Tom got more then the president.