By Will Kramer

Country Basics

Oslo is Norway's capital.

Norway's flag is red with an off-centered blue Scandinavian cross and it represents Norway's past political union.


Norway is located in Europe and is surrounded by Sweden, Russia, and Finland. Some major landforms are Baknafjord and Geirangerfjord. Norway also has major landmarks such as the Akershus Fortress and the Viking Ship Museum. Norway is also adjacent to the Norwegian Current and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Norway's main issue is pollution and it damages the lungs and hearts of citizens.


Norway is a Monarchy and is ruled by Harald V, while America is a Democracy. Leaders are hereditary and are elected on level of popularity in emergencies. Citizens must be 18 to vote and have little freedoms such as right to speech.


Norway is a rich country with a GDP of approximately $499.8 billion. Norway uses Norwegian Krone as their currency. Norway's main exports are petroleum, machinery, metals, ships, and fish.

Birth Rate: 12 Births per 1,000 Population

Life Expectancy: 81 years of life

Literacy Rate: Unknown

Drinking Water Source: Usually tap water or bottled water from nearby streams


The modern clothing worn is bunad, which is a Leiderhosen-like form of clothing. The major languages are Norwegian, Bokmål, and Nynorsk. Some major holidays are Jul, which is their Christmas, Påske, which is an Easter-like tradition, and Jansok. Their main religion is Lutheran Protestant-Christianity, while America's is Christianity. A popular food is Smorbrod, an open sandwich.


Norway is generally sunny and the average yearly rainfall is about 55 mL. The average temperature is about 10 degrees celcius, or 50 degrees fahrenheit. There is also lots of land to cut down trees to make buildings and many other things.


Norway is known as the country of the Vikings. Many Vikings originated from Scandinavia. These Vikings caused the Celtic Kings to ally and drive out the Norwegians.

WWII was a bad time for Norway with both Britain and Germany fighting against it. Germany eventually captured and acquired Norway until the end of the war in 1945.