John Paul Jones

By:Kyler Housing


John Paul was born July 6,1747. He was named John Paul after his father but he didn't get the Jones until later.He born a large estate in Scotland. His sea career began at the age of 13.


He contributed to the civil war by winning the big naval battle. The Battle Of Sarapis. He was mostly losing the fight, then when the british shipped asked if he would like to surrender he said "I have yet to begin to fight!" and that gave his men the courage to make a turn around a win the battle.


Mr.Jones did not care for education after he found love at being a sailor. Infact school work disgusted him and he thought being a sailor would get him farther.
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Intresting Facts.

The Reason Jones was added to John Paul was because he had killed someone in self defense. To avoid trial in the field he ran to Philadelphia and added the jones to it.
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John Paul Jones had accomplished a lot. He became a sailor at the age of 12 then by the age of 21 he was the caption of his own ship. He also is very well known for winning the the battle of Serapis during the american revolution.
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