One day Melbourne Seminar

Discover Passion and Purpose with Archetypes and Pip McKay

Finding your Passion and Purpose Testimonials

Discover Passion and Purpose with Archetypes

Saturday, Apr 27th, 9am-6pm

Richmond, Victoria, Australia

“How To Discover Your Unique Passion and Purpose using Archetypes And Overcome Overwhelm, Get Clarity and Have Direction”

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Pip McKay

Pip McKay is a pioneer within the field of personal development and NLP. She is an exceptional speaker and extraordinary personal coach. Her style is interactive, fun, profound, intuitive, entertaining and informative.

Pip McKay is the CEO of Evolve Now! Mind Institute. She is the creator of Matrix Therapies™, Matrix Coaching, Your Questand Matrix Constellations and Archetypes™. These tools allow you to clear negative influences and events from the past, as well as, old parental programing, complex emotions, self-sabotage and clusters of negative beliefs so that you have the freedom to fulfill your potential and followyour passions.

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