Geological Time Travel Poster

Are you ready to see the history of time?

My machine to see the past.

I have just successfully made a machine to travel in time.

  1. Did you like the Jurassic Park films? Of course not! Because it's a movie, just try my Time Travel Tour of History!!
  2. It's fun, and the charge is Child:$40 Adult:$50, at the end of the tour I give out bags with teeth, claws, and plant fossils! Hours Mon-Thurs: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Mesozoic Era

Triassic period-240 million years ago.

  • This time period you can witness large lizard like organisms(aka)Dinosaurs.

Cretaceous period-138 million years ago.

  • Dinosaurs extinction. " so watch out for that asterOIDdDd!!! "

who said Charmander in not a dinosaur hmmmm.