Mrs. Waller's BHS Choir Class

Assignments April 27-May 1, 2020

Warm-Ups... Keep on keeping on

Your vocal strength can build even when you're away from your choir and are stuck at home. The key is taking care of yourself and continuing to practice, warm-up. Your job this week for warm-ups is to choose one of the many you know or we've done throughout the year in class or in Smores and warm your voice up every other day. It's vital to stay in good voice. If you're wondering if I'm doing these warm-ups at home, as well, the answer is YES! I've rarely skipped a day in over 25 years.

What's your reaction?

This week we're listening to a very famous piece entitled "Shenandoah." It's about a river. I want you to listen to the piece and give me 4 observations about what you see, hear, experience, anything. The conductor is one of the most renowned in the world. His name is Anton Armstrong, and he conducts the St. Olaf Choir (also one of the most famous choir colleges in the world). Pay attention to his hands, listen to the what the voices do, watch what the vocalists do, how the audience reacts. Send me your observations in a Google document to

Saint Olaf Choir -- Shenandoah
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Important Info

Contact Mrs. Lowery to make changes to scheduling for next year. Contact me for any past Smores or if you need help with ANYTHING at all. My Google Voice number is 314-635-0858. I can receive texts and phone calls. You can always email me at I also have conference hours throughout the week if you want to contact me face-to-face with any concerns.

My office hours online are Mondays from 3PM to 4PM and Fridays from 9AM-10AM. Use the following web address to get into the conference:

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