Together is better


Navassa is a country created, in order that the whole world has the same rights and the same voice, that nobody is better than different. Important mas of our country is coperar and to help the demas without mattering that they give us nothing in exchange. Navassa is not a country submitted by the politicians Navassa govierna the people of the country they themselves do that all that goes better. If you come to Navassa your life was changing completely to better.

Data in the country:

Official name: Navassa
Surface: 5,4km2
Geographical location: It is located in the Caribbean Sea
Population: 4
Population density: 1,3 population/km2
Capital: B.J
Language: English
Continent: America
Form of government: Democracy cooperative
Currency: Tahi, center-Tahi.


The flag represents the country, the blue is the sea around the island and the sea that protects, what the media are united many people, it represents everything is better if we do it together


Money Navassa consists of coins, currency less value represents the sun at dawn in the morning, the second is represented by a tree that is by the great vegetaion there in the country i the latter is represented by a star when comes the night sky is illuminated star Navassa.

Navassa money i called the Centi-Tahi Tahi this is of less value.

Tahi means together in Maori.

Navassa lighthouse

The USA. Navy set up an observation post for the duration of World War II. The light was closed in 1996 and the administration of Navassa Island transferred from the Coast Guard in the Department of Interior.
Short K1n

National anthem

A moment of reflection

before beginning to coperate.

A long life

to our new home.

Together is better


Cooperate, help, care

is our motto to continue

everywhere we’re

where you want to be

Navassa will always be

it’s here your home forever

Together is better.