***Mandela Made History***

Samantha Dume'

**The Claim**

Mandela was a great hero, he showed the nation that blacks should have rights also.

**The First Supporting Detail**

1.)Mandela tried to help the blacks earn their freedom in order to do what they wanted to do in life. He went to jail for something that he was working on extremely hard and that was to try to help the blacks gain fairness.

**The Second Supporting Detail**

Mandela also got to be president of the South and the best part is was that he was the first black president of the south. He showed the whites that everyone should have the same equality , he also showed them that everything can be accomplished if you work hard enough.

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**The Five Facts**

1.)Mandela was born in (1918), he started to notice that his nation was not being fair in equality.
2.)In (1948) the things kept on getting worst and the whites had most of the power in the nation.

3.)The separation between the nation caused that the whites had their separate things and the blacks had theirs.

4.)Mandela was a lawyer and he got arrested because of doing his own activities which was trying to help blacks gain freedom.

5.) Mandela finally kept on fighting to gain freedom and he became president of the south, (**The First President**).