Learn how to integrate Prezi into your classroom!


Prezi is great way to allow students to creatively present many different topics and assignments.

Before you begin...

I made a class account and posted the log-in information by the computers.

Example Prezi

I made an example Prezi that I showed the students before I allowed them to work on their own.

Topic Sentence and Supporting Details

Students working in a small group to complete Prezis.

Student Prezis (They're still working on these...)

Prezi Tutorial

Here a quick tutorial that we came up with to introduce you to the program

If you still have questions...

Check out this tutorial from You Tube if you're still having questions on how to work with Prezi.
Prezi 2015 NEW Full Tutorial

How Can You Incorporate Prezi into Your Classroom?

The ideas are endless!

*Students can use Prezi as a graphic organizer for their writing assignments.

*Students can use Prezi as a final presentation for a research project they have been working on.

*Students can use Prezi to present a chapter from a book. It would be fun to have different chapters in the same book represented.

*Students can use Prezi as a fun way to display math vocabulary. Really, you could do any vocabulary words that you want students to memorize.

Be creative with incorporating Prezi into your classroom. Your students will definitely surprise you with their creativity in designing their own Prezi.