D is for: Danger

Ensure that the area you are in is SAFE for you, other people around & your patient.

R is for: Responce

Check if they are Responding by asking them questions for eg. Are you okay? Tell them who you are, make sure he/she is comfortable & check for injurie.

S is for: SEND for help!

As soon a you think there is a problem or you know there is a problem call Triple '000' right away for an ambulance or ask someone you know to make a call.

A is for: Airway

Open mouth wide & check if there is anything inside that has caused any problems, if there is something, place in recovery position by tilting head with chin. Then clear his/her mouth using your fingers.

B is for: Breathing

Check for breathing by looking,listening & feeling.

If normal breathing place in recovery position, manage injuries & treat for shock.

If not normal breathing start the next step.

C is for: CPR

Start CPR by pressing on to the patients chest while singing Row row row your Boat 2 times, if does not help continue this until help arrives or patient recovers.

D is for: Defibrillation

Apply Defibrillation on patients chest if available and follow voice prompts.
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