Burnett Honors Nursing Program

Become a Burnett Honors Nursing Scholar at UCF!

What is the Burnett Honors Nursing Scholar Program?

The Burnett Honors Nursing Scholar (BHNS) program was created for students admitted to the Burnett Honors College and who have declared Nursing Pending as their major. Qualified Burnett Honors students are giving priority admission to the BSN programs at UCF!

How do I become a Burnett Honors Nursing Scholar?

1. Declare Nursing Pending as your major by the end of your first spring term.

2. Be accepted into the Burnett Honors College and remain in good standing.

3. Have an ACT score = 30 or SAT score = 1400 (minimum 650 in Math and Verbal)

4. Schedule a meeting with your College of Nursing Advisor, Jessica Fasano, at https://ucfcollegeofnursing.youcanbook.me to discuss the BHNS program requirements. You can do this as early as your first semester at UCF!

UCF College of Nursing

Educating Nurses Since 1979: The UCF College of Nursing offers academic excellence from the baccalaureate to the doctorate in Central Florida and beyond with traditional classroom and online programs. With the main campus in Orlando, amidst a hub of health care activity, the college prepares compassionate and competent nurse leaders with nationally recognized faculty, innovative research, evidence-based practice and community service. Ranked among the best in the nation for its online and campus programs, the college is an educational leader and is also recognized as a best value. Moreover, UCF nursing students are highly sought after by employers.