The Great Depression

Began 1929 and lasted until 1939

What percentage of people were unemployed?

In most countries of the world, recovery from the Great Depression begin in 1933. In the U.S., recovery began in early 1933, but the U.S. did not return to 1929 GNP (Gross National Product, is the market value of all the products and services produced in one year by labor and property supplied by the citizens of a country.) for over a decade and still had an unemployment note of about 15% in 1940, albeit down from the high of 25% in 1933.


Who and what did the president do during The Great Depression?

The stock market (a stock exchange) crashed on thursday, October 24, 1929, less than eight months into Herbert Hoovers presidency. Most experts, including Hoover, thought the crash was part of a passing recession.

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What happened to the Stock Market?

Billions of dollars were lost, wiping out thousands of investors. In the aftermath of Black Tuesday, (October 29, 1929. On this date, share prices on the New York Stock Exchange completely collapsed, becoming a pivotal factor in the emergence of the Great Depression) America and the rest of the industrialized world spiraled downward into the Great Depression.

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What did people eat during The Great Depression?

One-dish suppers and church potlucks were important ways to have fun and share food. On radio and in women's magazines, home economists taught women how to stretch their food budget with casseroles and meals like creamed chipped beef on toast or waffles.

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What was it like in school during The Great Depression?

Children were greatly affected during the Great Depression, even if

they didn’t understand what was happening. They knew if their

parent(s) had lost their job. They knew that money was scarce.

Some children had to leave school to take jobs and help support the

family. Most of the time it was 16 and 17 year old children who

dropped out of school to go to work. But sometimes younger ones had

to drop out and go to work.

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What caused The Great Depression?

The Great Depression was a global financial crisis that consumed most of the developed world throughout the 1930s. While the first real indications of its onset can be seen at the end of 1929, most countries did not feel its true effects until 1930 or later. When it ended also varied from country to country but signs of recovery were seen in the late 1930s, with things looking up for most economies by 1940.

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The Great Depression was a grim time in American history. Financial and agricultural insults deeply injured America and its people. The brave men, women, and children who endured those dark years showed amazing bravery, resiliences, and resourcefulness. Just as the national character changed from carefree thinking of Roaring Twenties, the National Government underwent massive policy changes. Programs to mend the nation-- its finances, resources, and people--were put in place. As the despair of the Great Depression finally wained, the American people, once again, faced an exceptional challenge