Texas Revolution Battles

6 Significant Battles in the Texas Revolution

Battle of Velasco

This battle was the prelude to the Texas Revolution that took place on June 26, 1832. Henry Smith & John Austin (who were in charge of the Texans) had gone to Brazoria to secure a cannon for use against Mexican forces at Anahuac. They opposed Domingo de Ugartechea at the Mexican fort in Velasco, who tried to keep the cannon from passing. Domingo & troops were forced to surrender however, when they ran out of ammunition.

Battle of Gonzales

This was the first battle in the Texas Revolution, occurring in 1835 when American colonists in Gonzales had refused to surrender a small cannon that had been given to them for defense against hostile Indians. Francisco de Castaneda and a small army was sent to retrieve it on September 27th. When they arrived on the 29th, Castaneda demanded to speak with the town's alcalde but was informed that the alcalde was out of town and he would have to wait. Later, an Indian informed Castaneda that the number of Texan volunteers had reached 140 and more were expected, so, knowing he couldn't get passed the guarded crossing, he searched for another way in. However, on October 1st, the Texans made their way to Castaneda's new camp and attacked. Eventually, Castaneda ordered a withdrawal, and this battle marked a clear break between the American colonists and the Mexican government.
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Battle of Concepcion

The Battle of Concepcion occurred on October 28th, 1835 when Stephen F. Austin ordered James Bowie & Fannin to lead 90 men from Mission Espada to locate a protected position closer to the town. When officers reached Concepcion & decided to camp for the evening instead of return to the main army Gen. Martin Perfecto de Cos sent Domingo to attack. When one man with the Texans fell mortally wounded the Texans replied with accurate rifle fire that caused the Mexican army to retreat.

Battle (Siege) of the Alamo

The Siege of the Alamo occurred from February 23rd to March 6th, 1836 when 145 Texans took control of the Alamo (William B. Travis & Jim Bowie leading them) and after two weeks Travis's letter requesting help got the defenders of the Alamo to reach 180 men but on March 6th Mexican forces stormed the Alamo and the defenders were killed. None of the defenders survived.
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Battle of Coleto Creek

The Battle of Coleto Creek occurred on March 19th and 20th in 1836 when James Fannin & his 350 men were called to help at the Alamo & Sam Houston ordered Fannin to retreat to Victoria but Fannin did neither. He had not decided to retreat until 5 days later & by then was attacked by the Mexicans in an open prairie. Fannin and his troops eventually surrendered, thinking they would be taken as prisoners but were instead executed on orders from Santa Anna (Goliad Massacre).
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Battle of San Jacinto

The Battle of San Jacinto occurred on April 21st, 1836 when Houston had routed Santa Anna's army & cut off their escape route from an open prairie by destroying Vince's bridge. Then, Houston sent the order to attack & in a short time (18 minutes) 700 Mexicans were slain & 730 were taken as prisoners. This battle won the Texas Revolution.


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