Nuremberg Trials

Sydney Thrasher 7th


The Nuremberg Trials were a series of trials that were held in Nuremberg, Germany. The trials lasted from 1945-1949. After the war, trials were held for the Germans who had caused crimes during World War II. They were held in the Palace of Justice because it was undamaged after the war, and it had a large prison. The large prison was important because of the large number of people that were being tried. The three people that were the main cause of the war were Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and Joseph Goebbels. In addition, there was many more German leaders that were executed for their crimes. A small number of government officials and business administrators received short time in prison. The trials were important to hold people accountable for their murders.


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The Defendants

During the Nuremberg Trials, twelve people were sentenced to death for their actions during the Holocaust. A total of twenty-two people were tried. Some of the people who were being prosecuted for their crimes admitted that they were guilty, but also tried to say that they were following directions provided by their leaders. Some of the people being tried used concentration camp prisoners for labor. There was also a number of soldiers who fled Germany to other countries and were not tried for their crimes. Hitler and many of his highest aides committed suicide before they were able to be tried.

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Important Dates

1939- World War II begins in Europe with Germany's invasion of Poland

1941-Japanese attack Pearl Harbor

1942- Franklin Roosevelt orders the enslavement of thousands of Japanese Americans

1946- Convicted Nazi war criminals are hanged at Nuremberg

1949- Josef Mengele sent thousands of Jews to their death


  • 6 million Jews were killed during this time period
  • 12 of the accused men were found guilty and sentenced to death
  • Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler committed suicide before going on trial
  • The Nuremberg Trials were named "the greatest trials in history"
  • The men and Judges both spoke four different languages during the trial


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The years of 1945-1949 were a very hard time in Germany. There were a lot of German soldiers who had committed crimes and who killed thousands and thousands of people. The Nuremberg Trials were one of the most important parts of bringing closure to a very painful time. The trials took a very long time for the people that had committed the crimes to be prosecuted. The majority of people were held accountable for their actions and many were either executed or sentenced to prison for the rest of their life for all of the Jewish and German lives they had taken. The Nuremberg Trials were critical for upholding justice.

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