Insular Oceanic

Animal Life

Land Crabs

  • Macro- evolutionary transition from sea to land
  • Geograpsus grew and developed more in Oceanic
  • Major predators; nesting sea birds
  • Hawaiian ecosystems loss of Geograpsus

Top Aquaculture Crops

  • Catfish, Trout, Tilapia, Salmon, and Catfish
  • 504 million pounds were produced with $582 million
  • Catfish farming with 6,000 employees
  • Contributes to the economies of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

  • Large species, most abundant in tropical regions
  • 3.9 meters in length
  • Large, broad, rounded dorsal, pectoral fin
  • Bronze-grey above and pale below
  • Decline in abundance from over fishing
  • Live in warm temperatures
  • Abundant in water between 30°N and 35°S
  • Surface to 150 meters in depth
  • Pregnant female came to Muriwai west coast of North Island