Our After School Care Project!

By Nick Davanzo

Our First Project

In our first project we were to clean up the computer room by vacuuming the floor, getting rid of all the old computers and junk on the tables, taking the stuff off the walls, and staining the desks. My personal job was to help take all of the pictures and posters off the wall and try to get as many staples out as possible.

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Our Second Project

Our second project was to tape up the art room, take the cabinet doors off, sand them, paint them, prime the walls, paint the walls, put the cabinet doors back on, and then take the tape off and clean the floors. I was to assist in any way possible, but some of the jobs I had include; taking cabinet doors off, painting, and tearing tape off.

Other Projects

There was also many other projects that I assisted with including; staining a bench, painting the office, scraping the walls, and taking pictures for others.