September Back to School Happenings

Our classes, chromebooks and more!

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Math Facts Practice-- by Monserrat and Hailey

First, we login to and we see a multiplication chart. Next, you are ready to start. You have to answer the problems on the screen. After that you have to race the teacher. You have to answer before the teacher answers. The teacher is SMART so it is hard to beat him! This website helps you to improve your math facts!!!

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Chromebooks at Brrokside! by John and Christian

On Wednesday of this week we received our school chromebooks. They can position in three ways, tent , laptop and tablet. So far we have used them for all of our subjects. You can do a lot on them and they were designed to help you with your homework.
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Nacirema-- by Gage

At Brookside School, we were reading a passage in Ms. Boggio's class called, "Rituals and the Traditions of the Nacirema." It was about culture of people that had weird rituals/traditions. It would be a great discussion to talk about this on Tuesday.+
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Memoirs by Jack

We are reading a very funny memoir called Knucklehead.We are writing our own memoirs. We are zooming in to one moment in time and we are adding dialogue to impact our stories. It is important for memoirs to have action words, sound effects. This will keep our readers entertained.

Reading and writing a memoir By-Zirui

This week Ms.Fox gave us a book called, Knucklehead. It’s a story about a family with 6 kids. All of them are boys even the dog. We were reading Jon, the author's, point of view. Ht told us a lot about himself and the other people in his family. We are currently writing our own memoir as well as reading memoirs in our class.

Science Class

They Might Be Giants - Science is Real (official TMBG video)

Science by Micheal Richardson

As philosopher Rudolf Carnap said "Science is a system of statements based on direct experiences and controlled by experimental verification" , or as we say " SCIENCE IS REAL"

We learned that as scientists we follow the OIP method. O = Observing- Using your five senses to gather information. I = Inferring - using what you know to make a guess about what is going on . P=predicting- using this information and what you know to make an educated guess about what will happen in the future. Watch the Video above .

Math class by Ben

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Word Problems are FUN! by Ben

This week in math we learned about word problems. We looked for keywords to help us solve the problem. Some addition key words are altogether,sum and in all.Some subtraction keywords are subtract,take away and difference.Some keywords for multiplication are times,triple,and product.Some division key words are per, percent and half. Another strategy for word problems is to make a model.We can also draw a picture.Word problems are fun!