Clinton for the win

Juli Santiago

Vote Clinton for president instead of Trump

Hillary Clinton not only acknowledges climate change, but has a comprehensive plan to tackle it. Given the United States is the most powerful country on earth, this makes Donald Trump the greatest threat to human life in modern history.

Things she wants to change

As Secretary of State back in 2012, Hillary Clinton was a strong proponent of a free trade agreement. She conveniently changed her views on the matter. With various unions upset over the TPP, Hillary’s campaign office recently suggested that she will no longer be supporting the TPP.

Rights of the people

Less talking , more reading

Jobs and Wages ; education

$275 billion stimulus plan. Tax credits for jobs. Raise federal minimum wage to $12 an hour. Make public college debt-free. Fund universal pre-K. Against No Child Left Behind. Position unknown on Common Core.

Clinton proposes a “New College Compact” that would make community college free and allow students to attend public four-year colleges debt-free.

In conclusion

Thus is why you should vote Clinton and not Trump