Sherman's March

Burning the Bridge

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This is Major General William Tecumseh Sherman. The man that led the march to the sea, put in charge of 62,000 men. Living from February 8, 1820, and passing in February 14, 1891 he was praised for his tactic of Total Warfare.

The March

  • Major General William Tecumseh Sherman led 62,000 soldiers.
  • The campaign lasted from November 15 to December 21, 1864.
  • The March went from Atlanta GA, to 285 miles away Savannah.
  • Enforced the "total war" strategy, burning down the south's communication and supplies, expecting the south war effort to collapse as a result.
  • The destruction was carried out between two "wings" of men 30 miles apart. This left a 50 mile wide eradicated portion of land.
  • Supplies for the men were collected from the land. Pigs, cows, and other livestock were slaughtered and taken. As well as bread and potatoes, all for food for the soldiers.
  • November 22 was the only resistance seen from the south. The southern loss was so drastic, the southern army retreated south and fought Sherman by burning bridges and making obstacles to slow and put a strain on the march.

Overview- Sherman entered Atlanta early September 1864, driving the confederates out. This marked the beginning of his march, as he finally moved on starting the march on November 15. Left behind were only Churches, courthouses, and city private residences with the rest burned to the ground. In his total war strategy he also cut telegraph wires and destroyed warehouses, train depots.
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This is the path that Sherman traveled to the sea. From Atlanta to Savannah GA