Peek of the Week

Mrs. Cousins' and Ms. Welker's Class

Language Arts

This week is a busy and exciting week! We have our celebration Great Day of Reading on October 31st. We are going to use this week as a review and catch up week. During Read Alouds we are going to enjoy some of our favorite October books. The following are comprehension concepts that we will be reviewing:

  • analysize and evaulate
  • using background knowledge (schema) to understand the story
  • characters and character traits
  • setting

Here is some fun links your child can do during the week at home.

We have also begun to learn the proper stroke for handwriting. Here is a link that allows your child to practice the handwriting stroke on line.

social Studies

  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Saying No to Drugs and Bullying


This week, we finished up our coin unit by learning to count coins and giving those presidents a new hairstyle! We also started our new unit of study...measuring length! We are "inching" our way to November one "unit" at a time! We read several stories about measuring including our favorite one by Dr. Seuss called, The Foot Book. We worked in groups and used our own feet to measure different objects around the room. Then we compared our measurements with the other groups and discussed why the measurements were not the same (different feet sizes). We discovered that the smaller the unit of measure, the more units it took. The bigger the unit, the fewer units it took to measure the length of the objects. We also discussed the proper ways to measure objects using non-standard units of measure (paper clips, coins, connecting cubes, links, etc.).

Next week, we will continue our study of measuring length by using linear methods such as string, ribbon, or yarn. Students will also create their own measuring tapes to use and find items that are the greater than, less than, or equal to a given number of units. So, before our fairy Godmother turns our pumpkins into carriages, our class is going to use them for math!

Home Challenge:

* Measure items around your house using non-standard units of measurement

* Create a growth chart and watch you grow/measure yourself using non-standard measurement

* Draw a picture of your family in order from tallest to shortest

* Use linear units of measurement (rope, ribbon, string) to measure objects that are round or have a curved a pumpkin or football

* Measure the distance from one point to another using your feet, hands, or body.

* Measure your pet(s)

Here are some fun links this week:

Dr. Seuss The Foot Book

Inch by Inch Book by Leo Lionni

Sesame Street Song

Non-Standard Unit cartoon video (Sid the Science Kid)

PBS Measurement Song


This week, we talked about our Objects in the Sky. We finished studying the sun, moon, stars, and our planet Earth! We discovered that we are systems in motion and help make up the Milky Way Galaxy. We read our "Systems in Motion" poem and had some of our friends act out the different objects in the sky! We read a story called, Me and My Place in Space, and discussed how we have an important role in this big world! We creating thinking maps about our objects in the sky and rocked out to our songs from Story Bots. We also started our new unit of study...matter!

Next week, we will continue learning about the states of matter and learn more about how matter takes up space!

Fun videos about objects in the sky/matter:





Matter Song

Brainpop about Matter

Changes in Matter Science Rap song

Home Challenge:

* Sort household items into solids and liquids or go on a nature walk and record examples of matter

* Make popsicles, jello, or fruit smoothies and watch the states of matter change over time

* Have a fondue party and melt cheese or chocolate and dip yummy snacks

* Melt an Ice cube-find ways to melt an ice cube quickly

* Save an Ice cube-find ways to prevent the ice cube from melting

* Make pottery or use play dough to change the shape of matter

* Blow bubbles and watch how air helps the bubble keep its shape before popping and releasing air back into our atmosphere

* Make Dr. Seuss's Oobleck

Notes and Reminders

Red Ribbon Week

  • Monday--Give Drugs and Bullying the Boot- wear boots and western wear
  • Tuesday--Wild About Being Drug Free--wear animal print or camo
  • Wednesday-- Team Up Against Drugs and Bullying--wear your favorite team's jersey
  • Thursday--Shade Out Drugs and Bullying--wear sunglasses

Oct. 29-31 -- Halloween Smencil Sales

Oct. 30-- Fall Picture retakes

Oct. 31st Great Day of Reading--wear a fairy tale costume. Please no Super Hero, Pokeman, or Witch costume. The costume must be found in a fairy tale (princess, knight, dragon, huntsman)