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Kicking off 2013-2014!

Welcome back PLP students! We know summer has been a blast, traveling, studying abroad, working an internship, visiting the beach, and all of those fun things in between! The first week of class hopefully was a joy, and getting back into the swing of things wasn't too terribly difficult. Below, you will find all of the latest updates from the PLP Office so read on and get involved!

Meet the PLP Fellowettes!

Mary Ragan, Kim Purdy, & Arrenvy Bilinski (AKA "The Fellowettes")

Mary Ragan (left) was heavily involved in Res Life and STAND as an undergrad. With a degree in Social Work, Mary hopes to eventually pursue a Master's Degree in Higher Education or go on to work in a Nonprofit Organization. Mary is left handed, afraid of squirrels, AND is a redhead. I know...we still love her though.

Kim Purdy (middle) was most often seen wearing a student ambassador polo or hanging out at Warwick HS with other iNSPIRE mentors. A former Psychology student, Kim is hoping to pursue a career fostering community growth and outreach by working with young adults. Most importantly, she's great at ribbon, in all seriousness you don't want to see that.

Arrenvy Bilinski (right) we're convinced never slept as an undergrad. As a CABbie, RA, theater student and more, Arrenvy even managed to earn a crown at one point in her undergrad career. After her fellowship Arrenvy hopes to work in an arts organization in the area of funding and grant writing. She is also deathly afraid of babies.

Mandatory President's Speaker #1

Wednesday, Sep. 18th, 7:45pm

Ferguson Concert Hall

Bill Pollard, Chairman Emeritus of The ServiceMaster Company

Mandatory President's Speaker #2

Monday, Oct. 28th, 7:45pm

Ferguson Concert Hall

Gary Haugen, President & CEO, International Justice Mission


Upcoming Service Opportunities:

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Internship and Other Opportunities:

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Study Abroad Informational Meetings

Want to find out more information on CNU Faculty led study abroad trips? Look at the Preslead Google calendar to find out when all of the informational meetings are going on this week!


Did you like Day of Service? Want to enact in community service with others? This is an opportunity for you to not only help organize larger scale community service opportunities, but participate with a group of engaged students to make an impact on our community.
Contact for more information.


Coffeehouse Speaker Series

We are still accepting applications for the Fall 2013 Coffeehouse Speaker Series! This is an opportunity for you to share significant experiences and insights about leadership from unique and diverse perspectives with members of the CNU community. Did you study abroad this summer? Have an amazing internship? Accomplish something you're proud of? Come share your story and apply to be a Coffeehouse Speaker Today! Coffeehouse Speaker Application.

Contact Kate Sheridan with questions or for more information.

Apply to be a Passport Agent:

Passport Agents are PLP’s forefront student programmers. From speakers and workshops, to activities and performances, engaged and developmentally-focused students have the opportunity to intentionally enhance other students’ personal and leadership development through the Passport Program. Passport Agents are committed to developing meaningful programing and fostering a reflective community within PLP.

Contact Mary Ragan with questions or for more information.


Fall Info Form

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