We're Going On A Trip

but wait...you plan it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Driving Question

What makes your dream destination my dream vacation?


Earth and Space (Science)

Financial Literacy (Math)

Geographical Regions (Social Studies)

Persuasive (Language Arts)

Timeline, Mini Workshop, & Mini Lessons

The PBL should last no longer than 3 weeks.

We will have 3-4 mini workshops on weather vs. climate, cash vs. charge, persuasion (in LA class), and weather maps. They will also be required to head over to Symbaloo and watch the attached videos assigned.

Within these mini lessons, they will schedule check points throughout. The goal is to formally meet (check points) with each group at least 5 times within the three week period.

Gold Standard Elements

  • Challenging Problem or Question - What makes your dream destination my dream vacation?

  • Sustained Inquiry - The study of regions and their weather and climate and the excursions available, weather vs. climate, budgets, basically all research.

  • Authenticity - Planning for an actual family with an actual budget for an actual vacation destination.

  • Student Voice and Choice - Students choose the location, the presentation style, and how they're going to spend their budget.

  • Reflection - Explaining, applying, and standardized testing on the TEKS.

  • Critique and Revision - Informal check in with groups, checkpoints and deadlines, Critical Friends Protocol (sharing ideas).

  • Public Product - Presentation to teacher and parents for persuasion.