Mechanical Reaper

By Christian Ramirez

Cyrus McCormick

Cyrus McCormick of Virginia was responsible for liberating farm workers from hours of back-breaking labor by introducing the farmers to his newly invented mechanical reaper in July, 1831. By 1847, Cyrus McCormick began the mass manufacture of his reaper in a Chicago factory.

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The invention of two successful reaping machines by Obed Hussey in Ohio, who obtained the first patent in 1834, and by Cyrus Hall McCormick in Virginia brought about an end to tedious handywork and encouraged the invention and manufacture of other labor saving farm implements and machinery.

The Mechanical Reaper.

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Did you know?

Cyrus McCormick was born in rural Virginia and received a limited formal education. His interest in mechanical problems led him to seek improvements in various farm implements, and in 1831 he got a patent for a hillside plow

When was he born you ask?

Cyrus McCormick age at death

  • 75 years
  • Born: Febuary 15, 1809 -
  • Died: May 13, 1884

What did this machine do?

It helped Harvest corn, cotton and wheat it saved lots of hard work.