Lord of the Flies

By Nick Sherman

Types of Government and Relation to Story

A Democracy Government is a Government that is ruled by the people. Everyone plays an equal role in the decisions that are made. There are little to no pure democracies in the world.

A Republic is a form of democracy in which people are elected to make decisions for everyone. These people are usually chosen based on a majority vote, thus pleasing many of the area's inhabitants. This is seen in many Western Countries that include much of Europe and the United States.

A monarchy is a form of Government in which a royal family is in power. This family makes most, if not all the decisions for the country. They will stay in power until they are overthrown by a stronger family. This type of Government is not seen as much in the modern era.

A dictatorship is a form of Government in which one person forcefully rules over the other people. This person typically makes all of the decisions for the nation without the influence of others. This is another popular form of Government in the modern era, even though many people do not want to be associated with one. (Types)

Jack's tribe represents a dictatorship. He acts as if he is in control of everyone and does not care about their opinions. This is reflected in Jack's actions in the quote "Before the party had started, a great log had been dragged into the center of the lawn and Jack, painted and garlanded, sat there like an idol." (Ch 9 Pg. 148-149) Jack believes that no one should question his authority as leader.

On the other hand, Ralph's leadership is represented in a cross between democracy and monarchy. Ralph wants everyone to have a "say" in what happens with the group (Democracy), but he wants to be the unquestioned leader, king, of the group (Monarchy). Ralph calls the boys to an assembly to decide what step they might take next on the island and uses the conch to organize the meeting. He then gets flustered when the hunters question him by saying "You hunters! You can laugh! But I tell you the smoke is more important than the pig, however often you kill one." (Ch 5 Pg. 81) This meeting allows for Ralph to show why he runs a Democracy (letting everyone have a say), but also why he runs a Monarchy (the yelling at the hunters for not assisting with the fire). (Golding)

My Island Government

My island would be be run as a Republic. I think this would be the most effective form of Government because we would have a group of people to make the hard decisions, while still having everyone's input. I feel that having everyone's input is key to having a long and successful survival because it includes everyone. Nobody will feel left out of exiled from the group.

The Constitution for survival:

1. Five members of the group will be selected to run the camp by the people of the camp.
2. One out of the five leaders will be selected by the leaders to be the head of operations.
3. The remaining four leaders will vote on important issues and report the results to the head of operations.
4. If there is a split vote, the head of operations will ultimately decide which plan to pursue.
5. The people of the camp must follow the final decision that is made by the leaders without argument.
6. If the people feel a leader is performing poorly, they can ask for the leader to be evicted from their spot and vote for a new one.
7. To evict a leader, three of the four remaining leaders must also agree that the fifth is performing poorly.
8. Members of society found violating the rules are subject to punishment deemed necessary by the four leaders.
9. The head of operations can find a punishment too severe, but must punish the violator in a different manner.
10. There will be a new election if the population votes the majority of the leaders to be unfit for their position.

The rules would be enforced by the leaders and assigned members of the community to act as the police force of the island.

The Sudan Civil War

The Sudan civil war was fought between the twenty five million citizens Northern and Southern Sudan against the Government over growing tensions. The war was between those who identified themselves as members of the Government identified themselves as a variety of different cultures - Arab, Nuba or African stock. The first war began in 1955 in Southern Sudan. It would eventually spread to its Northern counterpart before ending in 1972. This ceasefire was short as the war resumed in 1983 with the people again uprising against the Government. A ceasefire would then occur in 2005 and continue lasting into the modern era. Because of the war, there is an extreme distrust between the Government and its people. (Suliman)

This is paralleled in the story when Jack is planning to torture Wilfred. Jack's followers are extremely confused on why he plans to torture the boy because he has done nothing to harm Jack. They reflect this in the quote "He's going to beat Wilfred. What for? Robert shook his head doubtfully. I don't know." (Ch 10 Pg. 159) (Golding)

The Ukraine Conflict

The Ukraine conflict is currently being fought between Ukraine and Russia. The Russians believe that they are repairing a "wrong doing" in history with the retaking of Crimea. They also desire the water ports that Crimea would provide for use during the harsh winters. On the other hand, part of Ukraine (Eastern portion) does not want to lose Crimea because it is a part of their nation. The Western portion that houses Crimea is predominantly of Russian decent, thus making them pro Russia in the movement. Both sides are using their militarizes to solve the conflict (Ukraine's military is being backed by many of the Western nations). Russia's military is much stronger than that of Ukraine, but if Ukraine is continuously backed by nations like the United States and the United Kingdom, they will triumph. Even though Ukraine has the backing of the West, Russia can still "win" the battle if they use history. They can unite under one cause (to restore historical Russia) to defeat Ukraine and its allies. I believe that Ukraine will win the conflict because Russia's army is not strong enough to defeat that of the Western Nation's. (McLaughlin)
Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context

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