Heaven is for Real

Todd Burpo


Colton and his family take a vacation to Denver, Colorado. They went to a museum called Butterfly Pavilion. Once they visited the museum Colton started not feeling good and goes to one of his parents best friends house. He then finds out he has to have surgery done.

Colton experienced a trip to Heaven and back. After his surgery Colton had began telling his family what he has saw and done in Heaven.


Colton; is a little boy that goes to heaven and back Sonja; is the mother of Colton. Todd; is Colton father that is a pastor. Cassie; is Colton sister that helps Colton out. Dr. Charlotte Slater.

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Heaven is for Real is a good book about a little boy that tells a story about his trip to heaven and back. Family and friends help him out. As a family they took a trip to Denver Colorado.
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