2nd Hand News

January 19-23

2nd grade has had another busy pre-play week working on blocking, being aware of cues, and musical numbers. The show is really coming together and we hope to make our traveling Assistant Director proud! Habitat for Humanity visited school and the children made special community-oriented items for the Auction. Calling all piggybanks...we have started working on money concepts and will begin to add to previous knowledge from first grade. Calling all writers...we have introduced what a paragraph is, what indents and margins are for, and the meaning and use of topic, supporting, and concluding sentences. The children are also learning to stretch their writing by jettisoning "I like" & "and then" sentences. Stay tuned for proper paragraphs!


Please join us in the auditorium to make our set magical. We will be recycling and hanging the wonderful dragon banner from last year. An Alchemist's Store needs to be created, the Damsels need a castle window, and the dragons need a campfire.


  • Please keep up the good work for the BFS Readathon and the 2nd grade January reading calendar. The classroom reading calendar should be submitted on February 4th.
  • Library books should come to school on MONDAY.
  • Join us for Good Manners: A Medieval Quest for Polite Behavior on January 30th at 9:30 am. Snack Cast Party to follow in the classroom.

Enjoy the snow!

With a smile,

Mrs. Nyce