Muscular Dystrophy

by Kaitlyn Farrington



  • body's muscles are gradually weakened can't walk


  • high risk of anhedonia-- inability to feel pleasure, like from sports you used to play


  • learning disabilities and intellectual disibility

Time Frames

People start to see the symptoms commonly around age 5 or some are from infancy or even middle age or later.

It's progressive, it gets progressively worse.

It can decrease the life expectancy of an individual depending on the severity.

Problems associated

The amount of care needed depends on the individual's severity but they could use physical therapy.

There is no cure.

They can't sit up, breathe well, or use arms or hands or they can't smile.

You need to take precautions to monitor heart function and precautions while eating so food isn't aspirated into lungs.

Preparing for parents

Changes to home: wider doorways because of wheelchair

They will just need a lot more help with everyday activities.

Yes they can develop learning disabilities and they also need help with their books from class to class

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