Ninell Drankwalter

Ninell Drankwater: Charities That Help Children

Ninell Drankwalter

Ninell Drankwater has one desire, which is to provide support to the children of her community. She is very active in charity because she wants to invest in the future of underprivileged children. Ninell Drankwater is active in the Second and Seven Literacy Campaign for Kids, which sponsors reading programs and provides books to underserved communities. Ninell Drankwater is also involved in the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer program.

Ninell Drankwater Wants to Eliminate Illiteracy

Illiteracy is a major societal problem that sadly affects thousands of young and disadvantaged children. Ninell Drankwater believes that modern-day illiteracy is inexcusable, and that’s why she is proud to be a member of the Second and Seven Literacy Foundation.

The Second and Seven Literacy Foundation exists to provide children with reading programs and books they may not otherwise have access to. Ninell Drankwater is a member of this Ohio-based organization because of the good they do for children in economically-disadvantaged areas who have little to no access to a quality education. The Foundation is filled with student volunteers from universities and high schools from across the country, people like Ohio State Alumni Ninell Drankwater, who believe that every child should have access to the same opportunities that they did.

Illiteracy particularly affects those in poor or disadvantaged neighborhoods. Many schools in underdeveloped or struggling areas are unable to provide the resources needed to help children build a strong economic foundation. Ninell Drankwater, who has had the opportunity to attend a major university and to receive a quality education, has empathy for children mired in poor situations, and believes in the work the Foundation does to promote and sustain childhood literacy.

The Second and Seven Foundation continue to receive support from passionate literacy advocates like Ninell Drankwater. Without their support, the Foundation may not be able to show young children the power and the enjoyment of being able to read. Ninell Drankwater takes literacy very seriously, and is committed to the cause.

Ninell Drankwater: Paletonia Sponsor

Ninell Drankwater cares about ridding the world of cancer. She is invested in supporting causes that provide funding to cancer research, which explains her ongoing support and fundraising efforts through Paletonia.

Paletonia helps to raise money for cancer research. Each dollar raised by the Paletonia organization goes directly to the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. As a participant, supporter an Ohio State Alumni, Ninell Drankwater saw a great opportunity to get involved in an organization that shared her interest in eliminating cancer once and for all. Ninell Drankwater invests both time and money into Paletonia because she believes in what they’re doing.

Paletonia sponsored its first bicycle riding event in 2009. The founder of Paletonia, Mike Caliguiri, started Paletonia because he noticed that government funding for cancer research had waned in recent years. Ninell Drankwater joined with Paletonia because she believes it continues to be an effective fundraising tool that doesn’t use any of the raised funds for administrative costs. As a lover of bicycling and an advocate of cancer research, Ninell Drankwater is proud to say that she’s been part of an organization that has raised over $61 million for cancer research during its first five years in existence.

Ninell Drankwater is passionate about anything that helps rid the world of suffering and disease. The prevalence of cancer in today’s society has inspired her to stay involved in Paletonia, an organization she plans on being with for many years to come. Ninell Drankwater wants to give people suffering from this devastating disease with hope for the future.

Ninell Drankwater: Superior Transport Service

Many people have difficulty getting to and from their doctor’s appointments. They are also often unable to get access to basic services such as grocery shopping, dental appointments and basic social functions. As the owner of Altimate Care Staffing, Ninell Drankwater offers amazing ambulatory escort services that can reduce the hassle of transport and make it easier for patients to get important things done.

Ninell Drankwater provides excellent medical staffing that can greatly help those who are unable to care for themselves. This often involves providing transportation to and from appointments, social engagements and opportunities for entertainment, such as movies. Ninell Drankwater is genuinely concerned with people’s ability to be mobile and to get to where they need to be. Ninell and Altimate Care facilitate transportation for clients to ensure they have access to the outside world.

The Helping Hand service that Ninell Drankwater provides can be of great benefit to anyone unable to drive or be transported without medical assistance or care. Often times an illness or ailment can prevent someone from getting to a doctor’s appointment, meeting a long lost friend or enjoying a night out in public. Ninell Drankwater has made the ambulatory escort service available because she wants her clients get the most from life.

Ninell Drankwater’s Helping Hand service includes transport to and from general medical procedures, outpatient testing, social functions, family gatherings, vacations and more. Ninell Drankwater’s ambulatory escort services make it easier for an ailing or ill person to get to the places they need to be, and with minimal fuss or hassle.