Germany and Russia go head to head.

"Saving Zasha" by: Randi Barrow


This story takes place on a family's farm in Russia just after the war between Germany and Russia. Also know as World War II. This war was brutal, that Russia never forgave Germany.


The plot of this story is when a boy, Mikhail, finds a man and a GERMAN dog. This was a problem because the dog was germen. If anyone saw it, they would kill the dog. It was illegal to have a germen dog in Russia. If they were to get caught, who knows what would happen to them. One major plot all leads up to the rising action.

Main Characters

There are some main characters that play a big role in the story. They are Mikhail, Zasha*, Dimitri,

Supporting Characters

The supporting characters are just as important as the main characters. They are Zasha's owner, the police officer, Katia, Germany^, Russia^,


! : important events in history

^ : actual state

* : actual people

True Historical Event

In my novel, a true historical event that happened was World War II. It explains how Germany attacked Russia and was at war. It also explain how the invasion from Germany to Russia was the biggest of them all. Also another event that happened was if anyone that was Russian saw the dog, they would kill her. It's because Russia was so mad at Germany, if they saw anything that would have to get rid of. Considering Zasha was a germen shepherd, if anyone saw were she would be vanished forever. That's why Mikhail has to keep her a secrete.


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"If some crazy citizen didn't kill them out of patriotic duty, the men in the yellow trucks would descend upon us like an avalanche that destroys everything in its path." (pg.112-113) This simile is comparing men that would kill Zasha to an avalanche that destroys everything.


" 'Help me dig then,' I answered , playing along, anxiously awaiting the sound or sight of someone stumbling into our hidden area." (pg.79) This is a metaphor because people can't stumble into a hidden area. Also, its comparing sound or sight to someone stumbling.


"When he turned on the lamp that sat on the nightstand between us, we both groaned and closed our eyes." (pg. 114) This quote is giving the lamp the human quality of sitting.


"Nikolai and I turned as one when the faint sounds began to define themselves as clip-clop, clip-clop" (pg.79) This quote is explaining how the horse's hooves sound.

Five Unknown Words

1. extraordinary This word means that you or something way beyond ordinary. A sentence it can be in is , "Mom, you are extraordinary."

2. too-tight This word many that something is to small on the person or thing. A sentence is can be in is, "This outfit is too-tight."

3. anxiously This word means that you are over exited about something. A sentence it can be in is, "I am anxious about the parade."

4. evading This word means to escape or avoid. A sentence it could be in is, "They were evading a conflict of what to have for dinner."

5. stumbling This word means that you cant walk properly. A sentence it can be in is, "I stumbled into my room."