Outcasts United

by: Dylan Hutchins


This book is about a coach and a refugee soccer team that was formed in Clarkson, Atlanta.They had refugees that came over from the middle east, like Africa, Asia, India, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, all over the world. Their coach, Lumawho had played soccer all the time, and, that was from the middle east, was educated in the U.S.A, was working for a company and quit her job They formed a soccer team that was very talented, but5 first it was very hard to do that because when Luma quit her job, it was kinda hard to make a sacrifice to the team becauseshe had to get usded to the new players, they were alldifferent races, from different places.there was only 2 white American kids. And theyb were never talked about


The reason i chose this book is because it was easy to understand the story. And i dont even read books and this story got me hooked, this is the only book i ever enjoyed reading , my favorite part was when Luma was forming there team together and that was the part i most enjoyed reading. the rest of the book was just about progress and games

the reason i liked ths book:

i give this book 5 stars because it kept me in and it was the only book i could find
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