The Weekly Spur

Week Twenty-seven: March 21-March 25, 2016

Women’s History Month

American Red Cross Month

Fire Prevention Month

Music in our Schools Month

Read Across America (March 2, which is Dr. Seuss’ birthday)

March 7-11 National School Breakfast Week

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)

Pi Day (March 14),

What is Spring?

Spring is a season. There are four seasons in a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season is marked by different weather and hours of daylight.

We have seasons because the earth takes a year to move round the sun, which gives us light and warmth, and because the earth tilts at an angle of 23.5 degrees. In winter we tilt away from the sun and in the summer we tilt further towards the sun. However, on the first day of spring the sun shines equally on both the north and south hemispheres of the Earth.

Word of the Week, Quote & Call back:

W.O.W. – Resiliency: recovering from or adjusting easily to misfortune or change

Quote: “You never really lose until you quit trying.” By Mike Ditka

Call Back: Never, Never…..Give Up!

What's on tap this week?

Don't forget your Thank You's for Thank You Thursday!

Monday, Mar. 21 - Fundraiser Kick-off K-1@ 8:30 in the cafeteria, 3rd-5th @9:00 in the cafeteria

Tuesday, Mar. 22 -

Wednesday, Mar. 23 - Faculty Meeting after school to go over "Time to Test" info

Thursday, Mar. 24 - Faculty Luncheon

Friday, Mar. 25 - No school! Bad weather day! End of 3rd Nine Weeks! Good Friday!

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Happy Birthday to You - this week!

none this week

A look ahead...

Monday, Mar. 28 -

Tuesday, Mar. 29 - STAAR Writing Test Grade 4, STAAR Math Test Grade 5

Wednesday, Mar. 30 - STAAR Reading Test Grade 5

Thursday, Mar. 31 - Report Cards

Friday, Apr. 1 - Kinder Trip to Casa

BOOK FAIR WEEK!! April 4-8

Monday, Apr. 4 - PTA Board Meeting 5:30, Kinder Program 6:00

Tuesday, Apr. 5 - UIL after school till 6:00

Wednesday, Apr. 6 -

Thursday, Apr. 7 -

Friday, Apr. 8 - Cliburn Music Program Grades 2-4 at 10:00

Saturday, Apr. 9 - UIL 7:00-3:00

Pictures for the Yearbook - please share!

The PTA is in need of pictures that you have been taking this year.

Here is the info for uploading pictures to eshare. If you have a flash drive and/or memory card, Jennifer Andrews can take those as well... So far they need pictures from meet the teacher all the way through Christmas parties.

You can also upload your pictures to eShare or use the HJeShare app!

The eShare code is CSESpurs. In the next week, PTA will be pulling pictures and designing pages and would love to have your pictures to choose from, too

PTA Information:

*PTA has created a BOX TOP GARDEN. Depending on how many box tops you have turned in depends on how many petals are on your flower. The first petal represents 25 or less box tops and every petal after represents 10 boxtops. **Just a reminder, SPED will be picking up your box top envelope every Friday, not PTA. **

*If you have any pictures from your classroom that can be shared, please send them to Crystal Barnhill or Jill Wagenknecht. We will forward them to the yearbook committee. Thank you in advance!

Resources and Downloads for Financial Literacy

Here is a link for an interesting article entitled:

"Resources and Downloads for Financial Literacy"