What smoking does to you

Quit now and live a healthy life!

Did you know?

-Smoking causes cancer, heart attacks and lung disease.

-Every cigarette takes 11 minutes of your life.

- smoking gives you bad breath, yellow teeth, wrinkled skin, continuous coughing and much more.

-from smoking you can die and second hand smoke harms people around you.

smoking effects the enviroment

smoking doesn't just destroy your body, but it destroys the environment. cigarettes can cause deforestation, air pollution, water pollution and much more.

-Around 4,000 chemicals used in manufactured cigarettes are released into the air when a cigarette is burned, and to a lesser extent when a smoker exhales.

-Cigarette butts and filters easily make their way into streams, rivers and lakes where they can clog water intakes and pollute water as they degrade. Additionally, the toxins from cigarette butts can leach into groundwater.

-cigarettes includes dry wood, to make cigarettes tobacco needs to be dry. Around five pounds of wood is used to make one pack of cigarettes. This causes deforestation and destroys our environment.

-stop smoking now to save our planet from all this issues. Even though the environment is getting destroyed, it still effects you!

smoking causes POVERTY

people get addicted to smoking, so they waste money on purchasing cigarettes. All the money that goes to buying cigarettes could of been money to spend on clothes, food and shelter. Now all those people get poor, and poverty starts in their lives.