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FALL 2018

Hello Bishop McGuinness Community!

Fall semester is a very exciting time of year for all of us at Bishop McGuinness. From freshmen to seniors, our students cram their semester full of rigorous courses, athletics, and extracurricular activities that happen on campus, at their home parishes, and around the greater metro community. As counselors, our goal is to support you and your students as they navigate the exciting world of high school and beyond.

We understand that in addition to one-on-one meetings, students and families also need support on the tech front. Our hope is that our digital newsletters will highlight some of the many resources available at your fingertips, while also weeding out some of the more redundant, ad-filled sites that are out there today. This particular newsletter will provide links to our various newsletters, including: test prep, scholarships, student opportunities, college bound guide, and more!

If you have specific resources that you would like to see, please let us know! We would be happy to accommodate your needs. Please contact your grade level counselor to make suggestions and requests.

Wishing you all a successful semester!

Your Bishop McGuinness Counselors

College Rep Visits

College Rep Visits

Are you a junior or senior? Would you like to visit with a college rep that will be on our campus this fall? Then sign up here!

College Rep Visit Registration

Student Opportunities

Our Student Opportunities newsletter is where we will post information regarding teen boards, community leadership, service opportunities, summer college programs, and more.

Student Opportunities Newsletter

Test Prep & Tutoring Services

Our Test Prep & Tutoring newsletter provides information pertaining to local and web/app-based tutoring and test prep services. Many of the resources provided are free!

Test Prep & Tutoring Information Newsletter


Our Scholarships newsletter is dedicated to all things scholarships. From active scholarships in the metro area to general scholarship search resources, this newsletter will help you identify the best route to take for your search. Though many scholarships are geared towards seniors, we encourage all students to look at the many opportunities that await them. Preparation and knowledge are keys to scholarship success!

Scholarships Newsletter

College Bound Support

Our Helpful Tips for the College Bound newsletter is a highlight guide to all things college admissions preparation. We include information regarding essay writing, resume builders, campus visits, and more. We encourage all to check out this flyer, but our juniors and seniors should bookmark this newsletter to help them during their college admissions journey!

Helpful Tips for the College Bound Newsletter

Mindful Matters

Our Mindful Matters newsletter provides helpful links and resources related to mindfulness and self-care. Our community is extremely busy throughout the year, so personal care is critical!

Mindful Matters

Military Academy Information *NEW*

Our newest addition is our Military Academy Information newsletter. This was designed to provide direct links to the information needed to understand and begin the military academy admissions process. The application process is managed by the student and preparation should begin as early as freshman year because many of the requirements will take years to develop, including but not limited to:

  • Rigorous academic course load and competitive GPA
  • Strong SAT/ACT scores
  • Prominent leadership positions within the school and community
  • Athletics
  • Commitment to Service

Military Academy Information Newsletter

App & Tech Recommendations

OK College Start

This statewide program is an excellent resource for academic planning needs. From career planning to just getting through high school, this website has every resource you could imagine for students AND parents! Sophomores have already enrolled and completed a few surveys for Mrs. Damron, we encourage you all to take a deeper look!

OK College Start

College Essay Guy Podcast

College Essay Guy is not only a college preparation guru himself, he interviews the many other experts in education. From essay writing to self-care, CEG covers it all. What's better is that he is engaging to listen to!

College Essay Guy Podcast


ZeeMee is a great way for students to create a digital portfolio/resume to display their best selves. Students can upload videos and photos of their art, service, and extracurricular activities to give colleges and leadership programs a deeper look into who they are. Today's technology allows students to be more than just a number; Zeemee allows them to take their resumes and applications to the next level -- all from their smartphone!

(Please note that the full functionality of ZeeMee is only accessible from the app.)


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