The Roanoke Sound

by Grace VonCannon

Where and why is the Roanoke Sound impotant?

They protect the environment and are home to many creatures. Also the Roanoke sound separates the Roanoke island and Bodie Island.

Plants and Animals

Some animals found in the Roanoke sound are oysters, clams, crab, shrimp, sea bass, flounder, and lots of different types of fish. Some plants the live in the Roanoke sound are cattails, reeds, different types of trees, cypress, tupelo, and bullrushes.

Rivers, Streams, and Waterways

The Outer banks, Pirates cove Marina, and the Gulf stream all feed into the Roanoke sound.


Whatever in in these bodies of water contaminate the Roanoke sound as well as places around the Roanoke sound like places that are being torn down for human use roads, businesses, and homes.