Sports in the 1920's

Hannah Barringer


On October 9, 1919 the Cincinnati Reds beat the Chicago White Sox 10-5 to seize an unlikely World Series win. Rumors that the game was going to be thrown were spreading before the game even began. Several months after the game, people found out that some of the gamblers had actually paid some of the White Sox players to purposely loose the game. The players that threw the game were referred to as “Black Sox”. They were Gandil, Cicotte, Williams, Risberg, Felsch, McMullin, Weaver and Jackson. They were put on trial and were found guilty, and then were banned from baseball for life. Some of them tried to come back, but Landis who was baseball’s first commissioner, said that they would never be allowed to play baseball again, and did not let them play.

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More events

1922- the first sub-one minute 100 meter freestyle swim

1924- the first Winter Olympics took place

In the summer olympics of 1924 Paavo Nurmi won 5 gold medals.

Sports were spoken over the radio, many more families could keep up with what was happening in them.

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