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Mrs. Jumper's Classroom Newsletter

Hi families!

This week is a busy week for us in the classroom! We have our first round of SBA's. These are district level created tests in each content area meant to see how all of the students are doing and what we need to work on. Please chat with your child about the importance of trying your very best and double checking your work when you are done. We discuss this almost daily in class but it's great for them to hear at home too :)

Please check below on updates on Dojo and Spelling Words.

Homework, I have had a couple of parents ask if I will be sending home homework. The short answer is no. I know kids and parents have VERY busy lives outside of school, and I feel that if we are accomplishing what we need to in class, we shouldn't need homework. If I see a weakness for a certain student, I will contact the family and ask if they would like me to send some resources home. So besides the spelling test and upcoming multiplication facts, that's going to be about it on a weekly basis.

Upcoming Dates:

Sept 28-Oct 2- Fall Book Fair

What We are Learning:

Below you will find what we are learning about in each subject so that if you want to help at home, you'll be current and cool :)

Reading- SBA

Science- SBA

Social Studies- SBA

Math- SBA

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What do you think of the newsletters so far? I would really appreciate your feedback. Is the information helpful? Would you like to see something added on a weekly basis that would be helpful for the whole group?

I have posted my contact information below, I will promise to respond within 24 hours.