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Back to School 2019

Welcome Back!

The Striving Readers team wishes you all a smooth transition into the school year. This is always an exciting time of year full of new beginnings, invigorated teachers, and students eager to learn. The new school year also brings a fresh beginning to your Striving Readers grant. We want to remind you of several key dates:

  • September 3rd: FY19 Closeouts are due
  • September 12th: Literacy plan revisions due (more information below)
  • September 30th: FY 20 OSRCL budgets due
  • October 31st: Please make sure you have made your 1st claim by the end of October

We have developed a grant guidance webinar and an evidence based webinar to help with the technical side of our grant. Please make sure the appropriate people in your district have viewed the webinars. Sharon and Michelle are happy to provide any technical assistance. The links to these webinars are in the newsletter below.

We are also in the midst of scheduling our fall visits. Please know, this initial visit is just to touch bases. We will want to see how things are going, possible barriers, success, and how we can best support the work that you are doing in your districts.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Literacy Plan Revision

2019-2020 Local Literacy Plan Resources

Plans need to be emailed on or before September 12th.

[Recorded Instructions] [Literacy Plan Template] [June 10th Presentation]

Grant Guidance Information, Budget Training/ Claims Procedures Information, Evidence Based Requrirements

2019-2020 OSRCL Grant Guidance can be found here:


Webinar for the FY20 OSRCL Budget Training and Joint Federal Programs Claims Procedures can be accessed here:


Webinar for OSRCL Evidence Base requirements and how to submit evidence base information regarding a particular program or instructional material can be accessed here:


Upload your evidence base rationale and support using this google link:


Evidence Based Practices

This short guide, ESSA and Evidence Claims: A Practical Guide to Understanding What "Evidence Based" Really Means, is an excellent resource providing an overview of the tiers of evidence and provides 5 questions to ask when evaluating claims of evidence. It is a helpful resource to use when considering the materials, programs, and personnel purchased with your Striving Readers grant.

As you plan next year’s OSRCL budget, please remember that OSRCL grant funds can only be used on activities and programs that meet moderate to strong levels of evidence according to ESSA. Click here for an overview of the levels of evidence.

The Evidence for ESSA or What Works Clearinghouse websites can be used to determine levels of evidence. The Practices Guides describe instructional recommendations that can be implemented with existing standards or curriculum. If you are looking to adopt a program or attend professional learning, you can align them with the practice guide strategies that meet strong to moderate evidence. Click here for a list of literacy practice guides and an overview of the recommendations.

Save the Date!

OSRCL Annual meeting will be January 16th, 2020 at Metro Technology Center, Springlake campus in Oklahoma City

OSRCL district coordinator ZOOM calls (Topics will be announced):

  • October 8th @ 10:00
  • November 12th @ 10:00
  • December 10th @ 10:00
  • February 11th @ 10:00
  • March 10th @ 10:00
  • April 14th @ 10:00

OSRCL Vocabulary book study ZOOM call dates (More information coming):

  • November 7th @3:45
  • January 9th @3:45
  • March 12th @3:45
  • May 14th @3:45

Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers


We will have 2 sessions of LETRS Modules 1-3 in Sulphur during September.

The first session is September 3 & 4 and 24 & 25. These are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Participants must attend all 4 days

The second session is September 5 & 6 and 26 & 27. These are Thursdays and Fridays. Participants must attend all 4 days.

Both sessions will take place at the Murray County Expo Center, 3490 Highway 7 West, Sulphur, Oklahoma, 73086.

The OSDE is excited to provide a 4-day training LETRS focused on PreK through 3rd grade teachers. This training will

cover the following learning modules:

1: The Challenge of Learning to Read

2: The Speech Sounds of English: Phonetics, Phonology, and Phoneme Awareness

3: Spellography for Teachers: How English Spelling Works

LETRS is a professional development program that provides teachers with an understanding of:

  • how students learn to read and write
  • the reasons why some students fail to learn to read, spell or write
  • the instructional strategies best supported by research

Registration is NOW OPEN at the following links. You must be able to attend all 4 days of the session:

Early Childhood LETRS module:

This module is intended to enrich and extend professional development for early childhood educators and care providers in helping pre-kindergarten children learn the early literacy and language skills shown in research to be critical for later success. The information and techniques are also important for kindergarten, first and second grade teachers whose young students have not yet learned these vital early literacy skills needed for success in the first few years of school.

Registration is NOW OPEN at the following links:

Workshops for early childhood (PK-3rd), elementary English language arts (PK-5th), & secondary English language arts (6th-12th)

Dates & Locations (Click link to register.)


Exploring Play Throughout the School Day

  • Dive in to the types of student inquiry that provide structure in a balanced early childhood classroom and be ready to empower our youngest learners as they explore their world through play to increase engagement and accelerate achievement.
  • Led by Senior Director of Early Childhood, Jennifer McKay.


Decode the Modes: Elementary Writing Instruction

  • By studying mentor texts, teachers will learn techniques for teaching the narrative, informative, and opinion modes of writing.
  • Led by Director of Elementary ELA, Deb Wade.


Teaching Secondary Writers Through Inquiry

  • After learning three approaches to inquiry in the secondary ELA classroom, teachers will study mentor texts to learn how to teach various aspects of writing.
  • Led by Director of Secondary ELA, Jason Stephenson.

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Professional Development Survey

Please remember to have your staff complete the online OSRCL Professional Development Survey every time they participate in a half day or longer literacy professional development. The survey results are returned to you to help make decisions for follow up and future professional developments at your school.

The Oklahoma Striving Readers Team

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Project Director


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Sharon Morgan,

Program Manager


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Michelle Seybolt

School Improvement and Data Specialist


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The U.S. Department of Education awarded the Oklahoma State Department of Education with a three-year Striving Readers grant totaling $21,530.920 in October 2017. The cost of this publication has been purchased with these federal grant funds in the amount of $0.00.