Kari's Hair Kare

Christine Zack, Kari Wells, and Avery Cook

Six business Activities

1. Generating ideas:

Kari’s Hair Kare was created on January 3rd, 2012. The company was made to bring together women with hair difficulties, to make their everyday hair problems disappear. Our company features an array of hair products and tools. Such as shampoos, conditioners, flat irons, and curling irons. Whether you have thick hair down to your waist, or wispy short locks; we have just what you need. The location of our company allows for our business to excel, through research of the area. We have learned that we have chosen an excellent spot to allow our company to grow.

2. Raising Capital:

The company had been on the backburner for many years, with money we got from

approaching banks and professional investors for funds. We raised capital by asking for donations from local people and finding ways to repay them. The company needed 500,000 dollars to take off, we managed to accomplish this through said methods.

3. Employee & Training: We look for many different people with different racial backgrounds to help with this business. The hiring process consists of interviewing the potential employee, then if they seem good for the job, we do a background check including drug testing. If they pass both of those, then we move onto the paperwork and the training. The training will consist of at least two years of cosmetology school.

4. Buying Goods & Services: We get our hair supplies such as our hair tools and products, from major hair care companies. They are ordered online and shipped to the Boutique. We need the best of the best so we have to pay a little more that usual to make sure our customers are happy.

5. Marketing Goods & Services:

Our market strategy is generally a lot of word to mouth getting our friends, family, and any of our beginning customers to tell their friends or family. We have business cards with us at all times and we also make it mandatory for our employees to carry business cards. We have taken an add out in the newspaper and were in the yellow pages. We have also made a website for our business. After a while when we have enough money we are going to buy a radio commercial.

6. Maintaining Business Records:

We our going to hire an account at the beginning. I am also going to take night classes in accounting to help out. We will also be using QuickBooks and Microsoft Access.


Our business is going to be a corporation because our shareholders won’t really have any responsibility. Advantages of a corporation are, we can deduct the cost of benefits from our employees. A disadvantage is that it might result in the payment of more taxes.

5 Goals

1. We want to extend our business out of the state of Illinois. Our goals include our business to extend across the Midwest.

2. We want to be known for the quality and efficiency of our products. We want our products to be the most sought after.

3. We want to have at least 1,000 customers within the first year.

4. One of our goals is to be known for our excellent work and kindness

5. Our last goal is to make our own line of hair care products.

Mission Statement

Kari’s Hair Kare is a new company aimed at offering low-price, high-quality goods to women and men across the Midwest and beyond. Our mission is to bring happiness through our natural based products from nature. We are passionate about giving our customers the best quality products for a low price. Our company is aimed at increasing value for shareholders and expanding opportunities for our employees. Our company holds a deep respect for our employees, customers, and other corporation which we are a part of. We hope to build strong relationships with other corporations and customers.

Recorded Mission Statement

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