NonVerbal Communication

By Quan Au

Eye Contact

THE eyes are said the be a window to the soul, during communication eye contact is key, those who maintains eye contact with the speaker are thought to be more reliable, honest, warm, sociable, and confident.

The eyes are a focal point on the human body, when we tend to look at a face we tend to look at the eyes. During communication when eye contact is met, the message the listener is sending to the speaker is that, "This person is the center of my attention".

Tone of voice

Our tone of voice affects non-verbal communication. People can distinguish what we are trying to say through our tone, as an example if your tone is very deep and angry, but you're trying to convey a message a softness to someone else that might not know you, they may think that you are a mean person, they may misjudge your message through your tone.

Nonverbal Cues

Nonverbal cues such as tone, volume, eye contact, and gestures can send messages; either successfully or not. However miscommunication can be caused through not having one of these nonverbal cues.