Edgerton Weekly #32

May 6, 2016

Equity In All We Do-Culturally Responsive and Competent Teaching

On Monday we learned about equitable school-family partnerships. Thank you to Laura, Angela and Lisa for leading the professional development. At the close of our session, we asked each staff member to write down two things you were planning to think more about or shift in your practice. This is just a reminder to process about that and also encouragement to make shifts that would strengthen family partnerships. Also, if there is something you would like the E-Team or the Site Improvement Team to discuss more please let me know.

Teacher Appreciation Week-If the world could see educators through my eyes...

I have said more than once that I wish people could see educators through my eyes. If the world did, educators would be treated like the superheroes they really are. I see you. I see the work you do with our kids each day. I see staff fiercely advocating for their students so our kids get what they need. I see staff bending over backwards, pushing themselves to learn and try new things. I have seen staff grow as professionals, even when it pushes us harder than we want to be pushed sometimes. I see staff here early and here late planning master lessons. I see staff teaching our students to be inclusive and kind. I see staff who would walk through fire to protect "our kids". I see staff showing up for kids when they need you most. I see staff engaging families and being true partners with them. I see you. I see the work you do and I thank you.

This week is Teacher Appreciation week but please know that I appreciate you always. I'm lucky to be a part of this staff. I also left a small "thank you" in your mailboxes in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Classless Placement Planning Days

Next week we'll be placing students in classes for the 2016-2017 School Year. Click on the following link for a reminder on the process we'll be using: Class Placement Process. Also, here's the schedule for the week:

Monday, May 9

8:15-12:15-1st Grade

12:15-4:15-2nd Grade

Wednesday, May 11


12:15-4:15-5th Grade

Friday, May 13

8:15-12:15-3rd Grade

12:15-4:15-4th Grade


  • Dismissal on the last day of school, June 10 will be at 11:30 at Edgerton.
  • Reminder-We will be switching our PLC on May 19 with our staff meeting on May 12. To clarify, May 12 will be a PLC (whichever one you were scheduled to do on May 19) and May 19 will be a staff meeting on Welcoming Schools.
  • Staffing Updates:
  1. EL-Our new EL teacher will be Teri Mathews. She is coming to us from Harambee! We will be converting the closet in the computer lab to an office and that will be her space. Welcome Teri!
  2. Sped Lead-For those who haven't heard yet, Sara Hallquist will be the .2 Sped Lead at Edgerton starting next year.
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