Straight From The Lions' Mouth

October 3rd, 2021


We are looking forward to a great start of October at Cashman. Thank you for your continued support to a strong start of the school year :)

It was great to see some of our families at the Curriculum Night this past Thursday. I hope you found your grade level session informative and intentional. Please let me know if there were still things you wished to learn about your child's day at school that was not covered. Through your feedback, I hope to reflect and improve practices with our staff to offer meaningful communications and experiences to families and staff.

This past Friday we kicked off one of our strong Cashman traditions: Our PBIS Star Awards: "SAFE STARTS AWARDS".

Our PBIS initiative continues to stay strong at our school and we love our PAWesome ways of recognizing our students!! September was focused on demonstrating SAFE behaviors throughout the day. Our goal is to focus on a core value each month (SAFE, KIND, RESPONSIBLE) and celebrate students with these awards at their grade level lunchtime.

These nominations are a big deal for our school, therefore, a celebration is in order for those who were nominated! One of our wonderful staff dresses up as a lion and briefly talks to our students about the core value being awarded, and then celebrates each child by calling them up to receive a PBIS SKR certificate. These nominations are provided to the PBIS team over the course of the month and ANYONE in our school: teacher, custodian, cafeteria staff, secretaries, can nominate a child :) Our 3 main core values are: SAFE, KIND, RESPONSIBLE (SKR). October we will focus on KIND!

Happy October to all of our families,

Principal Mascia

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