African American's Way To Success


Gabby Douglas Shows People They Can Do It!

She has 3 siblings.Gabby is the first african american gymnast to win the individual all-around event.She won numerous state championship titles throughout the years.Her family faced economic challenges about Gabby being a gymnast.Gabby was a member of the u.s. team that won a gold metal in the finals in 2011,which lead to being selected to represent the u.s. at the summer olympics 2012.

One Of Her Famous Quotes.

"You have to be yourself and go full with confidence and be courageous."

This Is Her Story.

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Jesse Owens Pushes All Negativity Away

He was one of the first african american athletes to emerge as a truly national hero.He won four gold medals at the olympics games in Berlin.Jesse grew up when racial segregation was at its peak.He had to stay at a all-black dorn,all-black resturants,and he wasn't eligible for a scholarship.After winning his medals he was allowed to travel and stay at the same hotels as whites.This was a good start to the equal rights movement.He died on march 31st 1980 of lung cancer.

One Of His Famous Quotes.

"We all have dreams.But in order to make dreams come into reality,it takes an awful lot of determination,dedication,self-discipline,and effort."
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