ENMS 9-13-13

If you hadn't heard...

At the past board meeting on Wednesday it was announced that our cafeteria manager, Janis Engerman, would be moving to the high school soon. Janis will be greatly missed in the cafeteria and always did a great job with our students.

Carmen Holbrook has been working along side Janis the past few weeks learning the ropes as she will take over for Janis. We will miss Janis but

Coke Fundraiser

Our fall athletes did a coke fundraiser during this season. They did a great job and sold nearly 800 cases of pop, powerade, water, etc... (and somehow miraculously never asked myself or any other staff member!)

More impressive then the sales is the great support from teachers helping this week after school. The bat signal went out over the PA after school and everyone came to help without even knowing what they were getting themselves into. Thank you so much for dropping whatever you were doing and helping this be successful.

Transition to Canvas

I know many of you have already made the switch to Canvas and have been working hard with Sibert to get things perfect for you class. We are currently at about half our staff on Canvas and half our staff with EdLine.

In an effort to help our parents be more involved and have a better understanding of their students day, we will be transitioning everyone to Canvas by February 1st, 2014. Laura Sibert will be hosting sessions on this transition and hopefully making it as smooth as possible.

Progress Reports

Just a reminder that today is the end of our first progress report grading period. Grades are to be finalized before you leave on Monday and printed reports will go home with students on Wednesday.

Also, a reminder not to touch the grade book after finalizing your grades until the office sends out an email saying it is okay.

Academic Lab Check Sheet

Just a reminder that Academic Lab Check Sheet's will be completed this week on Tuesday. We will still have these done this week even with progress reports coming out.

Monday Collaboration

Monday the language department will be presenting information on 6+1 writing traits. The ladies would like you to send in your departments that morning.